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Item Description

Nucleon CZPT Versatile/Rigid Flange Type Coupler


This product is widely applicable in factory, warehouse, logistics etc, but it strictly forbid to use in this kind of unsafe operating as easily flamable, explosive, corrosive, acid, alkali, plating, steam, warmth liquid, overloading , dust and so forth.

High effectiveness with sleek and silent operating.
Ideal for high lifting capacities and hefty obligation class
Least investment demands for greatest room optimization
Secure and clean working with safety components
Affordable, compact and gorgeous composition
Clean beginning and halting overall performance
Low sounds and very good check out space
Servicing-cost-free for lifting mechanism and excellent changeability for spare parts

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Specs Chart

Hole Dia.(mm) Hole Duration(mm) Nominal Torque(N*m) Allowable Rotation(r/min) Rotary Inertia(/kg.m2)
16-19 42 630 4000 .009
20-24 fifty two 630 4000 .009
twenty five-28 62 630 4000 .009
thirty-38 82 630 4000 .009
forty-fifty six 112 1120 4000 .02
32-38 eighty two 2240 4000 .047
60-70 142 3550 3600 .091
sixty-seventy five 142 5000 3300 .167



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Consisting of two radially slotted hubs and a serpentine spring steel band, the mesh coupling offers the torsional damping and overall flexibility of an elastomer, but with the power of steel. Grid couplings transmit torque and adjust angular, parallel and axial misalignment from one hub to another by oscillating and sliding a tapered grid in the hub grooves. The mesh cross area is typically tapered for much better hub make contact with and easier assembly. Lubrication is essential thanks to the motion amongst the speak to hub and the mesh metal elements.

China shop China Elastic/Rigid Flange Type Coupler, Shaft Coupler     Engineering