China Standard Densen Customized H Type Rubber Spider Coupling Lovejoy Jaw Couplings Spider Coupling HRC Flexible Couplings Engineering

Product Description

Densen personalized H sort rubber spider coupling lovejoy jaw couplings spider coupling hrc adaptable couplings

Solution Title H kind rubber spider coupling lovejoy jaw couplings spider coupling hrc adaptable couplings
DN mm 12~160mm
Rated Torque twenty five~25000 N·m
Allowable speed 15300~1500 N·m
Materials 35CrMo/ZG270/forty five# steel/CZPT alloy
Application Broadly used in metallurgy, mining, engineering and other fields.

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Firm Info

HangZhou New CZPT CZPT and Forging Firm is the sales company of HangZhou CZPT Team of Businesses. Features of New CZPT merely summarized as underneath:

one. Trusted supplier of steel, iron & non-ferrous components

2. Extensive documented good quality software in place. 

three. Castings, forgings, stampings, machining, welding & fabrication services.

4. 9 related factories, above 50 joint-enterprise sub-contractors.

five. twenty five+ many years of producing activities, 10+ a long time of exporting encounter

six. one hundred% of items bought to overseas customers.

7. 50% of customer foundation is forturne 500 organizations. 




Processing assistance

CZPT Service:

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid substance is generally poured into a mold, which is made up of a hollow cavity of the preferred shape, and then permitted to solidify. 

 New Densen offers numerous investment decision casting, sand casting, long lasting casting, die casting, reduced pressure casting, ESR casting, misplaced foam casting, and so on. Content can be handled contain steel, iron, non-ferrous. Single part weight variety is from .01Kg to 150 tons individually. 



 Forging Services:

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. New CZPT gives open die forging, closed die forging and ring forging solutions. Material can be steel, iron and non-ferrous. Material can be handled include metal, iron, non-ferrous. One part weight assortment is from 0.1Kg to fifty,000Kgs.


Stamping Support:

Stamping (also recognized as punching) is the process of placing flat sheet metallic in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface varieties the metal into a internet condition.

 New Densen-XBL has a lot more than 60 sets stamping equipments, is the made provider for a number of CZPT bands automotive firms, has the total potential to provide whole procedures from blanking, stamping, welding, to electrostatic sCZPT for around the world clients.


Welding & Fabrication Support: 

Welding Frabrication is the fabrication procedure of metal structures by slicing, bending, then assembling the elements together by way of welding 

 New CZPT offers manual arc welding ,laser welding and robot welding and so on. UT, MPT,RT,PT all are offered employed for inspection, WPS &PQR (Welding Procedure Specification& Treatment Qualification Records) just before production is obtainable below clients’ necessity.  


 Machining Service: 

Machining is any of different procedures in which a piece of uncooked content is reduce into a desired final condition and dimensions by a controlled materials-removing procedure. 

New Densen-XBL has far more than sixty sets precision machines incl. CNC center, boring, milling, lathing, and many others., and much more than three hundred inspection instruments incl. 3 sets CMM with grade μm. Repeated tolerance can be managed as .02mm. Meanwhile awarded by certificates ISO9001-2008 ISO/TS16949. New Densen-XBL specialized in higher specific machining for modest-middle-huge metal parts. 


3rd Social gathering Inspection:


New Densen worked as 3rd party inspection center in addition to its sister factories or sub-contractors’ self inspection, Provides method inspection, random inspection and ahead of delivedry inspection companies for content, mechanical, inside of defects, dimentional, strain, load, equilibrium, surface remedy,  visual inspection and check. Weekly task follow-up report jointly with photos and video clips, full top quality inspection documentation available. 

New CZPT also developed as third get together inspection agent for numerous consumers when their goods produced by other suppliers. 




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Consisting of two radially slotted hubs and a serpentine spring steel band, the mesh coupling supplies the torsional damping and flexibility of an elastomer, but with the toughness of metal. Grid couplings transmit torque and change for angular, parallel and axial misalignment from one particular hub to the other by oscillating and sliding tapered grids in the hub grooves. The mesh cross segment is generally tapered for greater hub make contact with and less complicated assembly. Lubrication is essential thanks to the motion in between the contact hub and the mesh metallic parts.

China Standard Densen Customized H Type Rubber Spider Coupling Lovejoy Jaw Couplings Spider Coupling HRC Flexible Couplings     Engineering