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Product Description

L075 flexible couplings

Available Dimensions: 35, 50, 70, seventy five, 90, 95, 99, 100, one hundred ten, a hundred and fifty, one hundred ninety, 225 

L100 Lovejoy L coupling ,L COUPLING ,L Sort Versatile JAW COUPLING
one. Material :Forged iron GG25 
two. Great stability 
3. Effortless to maintain 
L   coupling   have below advantage :
1. It is effortless to maintain ,no need the instrument can install 
2. Can undertake large torque 
3. Have the excellent buffer .
Cost-effective and practical using
Effortless pulling out
Simple building and gentle excess weight
NBR rubber with superb resistance to oil and medication
Minimum area
No lubrication
 L coupling parameters and information :

CZPT kind Rated torque  HP-100PRM    
In-Lbs. Horsepower Capacity at Various Pace(RPM) Max Bore
Rubber Hytrel Rubber Hytrel three hundred 1200 1800 3600  
L-035 three.five   .0056   .017 .067 .one .2  3/eight
L-050 25.2   .04   .twelve .forty eight .72 1.forty four  5/8
L-070 37.eight   .06   .18 .seventy two 1.08 2.sixteen  3/four
L-075 75.six   .twelve   .36 1.forty four 2.sixteen 4.32  7/eight
L-090 126   .2   .six 2.four 3.6 seven.two  7/eight
L-095 176   .28   .84 3.36 five.04 ten.8  1-1/eight
L-099 265   .forty two   one.26 five.04 7.fifty six  1-3/sixteen
L-a hundred 278   .6   1.eight 7.two ten.eight 21.6  1-3/8
L-110 693 2079 1.1 three.three 3.3 thirteen.two 19.eight 39.six  1-5/eight
L-a hundred and fifty 1071 3213 one.7 5.1 five.1 20.four thirty.six 61.2  1-7/eight

Sleeve Couplings Sleeve couplings transmit low to moderate shear torques between related tools via elastic inserts with external splines mated to internal splines. The insert materials is normally EPDM, Neoprene or Hytrel, and the insert can be a a single-piece or two-piece layout. Reasonable eccentricity Torsional damping (vibration) Finish float with small axial enjoy Reduced to average torque, common-function programs

China sales L075 Flexible Couplings     near me shop