China OEM Flexible Joint Coupling Spider Jaw Rotex Shaft Coupling manufacturer

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Flexible joint coupling spider jaw rotex shaft coupling

one.The supplies of Spider:German Bayer.
two.Hard CZPT alloy

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one.Areyou looking for Setscrew sort or Clamp sort?
2.what is coupling outer dimeter dimensions?
3.what is coupling interior bore dimension and size?
4.what is coupling content(aluminium or Stainless steel )?


Design Interior bore D
Nominal Torque
The Max of Torque
dmin dmax
JM2-25 four 12 twenty five 34 5. ten.
JM2-thirty six sixteen thirty 35 seven.four fourteen.eight
JM2-40 ten 24 40 sixty six 9.five 19.
JM2-fifty five twelve 28 55 seventy eight 34 68
JM2-65 14 38 65 ninety 95 190
JM2-80 24 forty five          eighty 114 one hundred thirty five 270
JM2-95 thirty 55           95 126 230 460
JM2-105 35 sixty         one hundred and five one hundred forty 380 760
Product Allowable velocity
Radial Misalignment(m.m) Angular
JM2-twenty five 17000 .02 1. +.60
JM2-thirty 12000 .02 1. +.sixty
JM2-40 10000 .02 1. +.80
JM2-55 8000 .02 1. +.eighty
JM2-sixty five 6000 .02 1. +.eighty
JM2-eighty 4600 .02 one. +1.00
JM2-ninety five 3800 .02 one. +1.00
JM2-105 3400 .02 1.


Diaphragm Couplings Diaphragm couplings use a solitary or a collection of plates or diaphragms as adaptable components. It transfers torque from the outer diameter of the flex plate to the inner diameter, via the spool or spacer, and then from the inner diameter to the outer diameter. When the diaphragm is subjected to misalignment, the outer diameter is deflected relative to the inner diameter. For illustration, axial displacement makes an attempt to extend the diaphragm, which final results in a mixture of elongation and bending of the diaphragm profile. Angular, parallel and substantial axial misalignment authorized Ideal for high torque, higher speed apps

China OEM Flexible Joint Coupling Spider Jaw Rotex Shaft Coupling     manufacturer