China Good quality GS Shaft Coupling PU Elastic Spider for Air Compressor Air Compressor Parts OEM

Product Description

PU Coating: Metal Coated with PU, Bearing Coated With PU, Plastic Coated with PU, Rubber Coating
Roller: PU Roller, Rubber Roller

Liner: Grinding Equipment Interior Liner, Tube Internal PU CZPT Polyurethane rollers are with substantial power, compressive power, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and bonding firmly CZPT degumming. They are commonly employed in metallurgy, paper, coal, wood processing, chemical fiber, textile, printing and other industries

(1)Metallurgy Roller: Owing to cost considerations, CPU roller, mainly utilized in inadequate doing work problems, substantial high quality requirements occasion, these kinds of as the pinch roller, pressure roller, force roller, transfer roller, information roller and many others, for case in point cold roller is belong to hard rubber roller, hardness: Shore A ninety ± 5, tensile strength> 40MPa, elongation> four hundred%, CZPT 500KN / m, the tension roller larger size φ 1.5 ~ 1.7m, CZPT 1.7m- 2m, Thick plastic 20mm. They are requiring substantial strength, compression deformation, and put on resistance. Colour slender roller is utilized for painting stainless metal, in addition to wear resistance, it also call for corrosion resistance and very good elasticity, so as to maintain the printing even and lovely. (Standard hardness is shore A 40 ~ 60)

(2)Printing rollers: Including letterpress printing roller (Shore A20 ~ thirty), offset printing rubber roller (Shore A38 ~ 45) and higher-velocity printing rollers and so on., thanks to CPU low hardness, large energy, elasticity, wear resistance and greaseproof printing ink, it is extremely suited for reduced hardness, higher-velocity printing rollers.

(3) Rubber roller for hulling rice: The CPU instead of ordinary rubber roller can boost the service lifestyle of 3 to 4 occasions CZPT contaminating food.

(4)Paper Roller: Its creation efficiency can be increased by 1 time or more, and minimize vitality intake and expenses.

(5)Textile Roller: Utilized to pelletizing roller, drawing roller, drafting roller can lengthen provider lifestyle.

Consisting of two radially slotted hubs and a serpentine spring steel band, the mesh coupling provides the torsional damping and overall flexibility of an elastomer, but with the energy of steel. Grid couplings transmit torque and change for angular, parallel and axial misalignment from 1 hub to the other by oscillating and sliding tapered grids in the hub grooves. The mesh cross section is typically tapered for much better hub get in touch with and less complicated assembly. Lubrication is required owing to the movement amongst the get in touch with hub and the mesh steel components.

China Good quality GS Shaft Coupling PU Elastic Spider for Air Compressor Air Compressor Parts     OEM