China best China Flexible Spider Jaw Coupling Good quality

Solution Description

China Versatile Spider Jaw Coupling

1.The resources of Spider:German Bayer.
2.Hard CZPT alloy

Your variety reaction of underneath inquiries will support us to recomemnd the most suitable design to you asap.
1.Areyou seeking for Setscrew variety or Clamp variety?
2.what is coupling outer dimeter size?
3.what is coupling internal bore measurement and size?
4.what is coupling materials(aluminium or Stainless metal )?


Product Internal bore D
Nominal Torque
The Max of Torque
dmin dmax
JM2-25 4 12 25 34 5. 10.
JM2-thirty six 16 30 35 seven.4 14.8
JM2-forty 10 24 40 sixty six nine.five 19.
JM2-55 twelve 28 fifty five seventy eight 34 68
JM2-sixty five 14 38 sixty five ninety 95 a hundred ninety
JM2-eighty 24 45          eighty 114 a hundred thirty five 270
JM2-ninety five thirty 55           95 126 230 460
JM2-one zero five 35 60         one hundred and five one hundred forty 380 760
Design Allowable velocity
Radial Misalignment(m.m) Angular
JM2-25 17000 .02 one. +.60
JM2-30 12000 .02 one. +.sixty
JM2-40 10000 .02 one. +.80
JM2-55 8000 .02 1. +.80
JM2-65 6000 .02 one. +.eighty
JM2-eighty 4600 .02 one. +1.00
JM2-95 3800 .02 1. +1.00
JM2-one hundred and five 3400 .02 one.


Couplings tumble into two wide categories: content bending and mechanical bending. Flexible substance varieties achieve versatility by stretching or compressing elastic materials such as rubber or bending slender metallic discs or meshes. Substance elastic couplings do not demand lubrication, besides for mesh couplings. Mechanical flex couplings take misalignment induced by wobbling, rolling, or sliding of metallic surfaces. All metallic mechanical versatile couplings require lubrication.

China best China Flexible Spider Jaw Coupling     Good quality