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Product Description

“GR Sort PU Polyurethane Versatile Elastic Spider Shaft Coupling”  Introduction:

Plum pad Plum blossom pad, complete title plum-shaped elastic coupling cushion. It is employed for cushioning of numerous weighty machinery coupling shafts. Some regions are also recognized as plum blossom plates. According to the substance, it can be divided into polyurethane plum pad and rubber plum pad, nylon plum pad.

Plum pad classification Plum blossom mat is divided into MT variety plum blossom mat, T-shaped hexagonal mat, GR star plum blossom mat, HRC hexagonal mat, NM type elastic ring, L-formed hexagonal pad, NL nylon internal tooth sleeve, H-kind elastic block, rubber gear, and so on.

Plum pad qualities The plum blossom pad is employed for damping, insulation and buffer transmission torque in the center of the coupling. The torque transmitted by the plum blossom pads of various supplies and distinct hardness is also distinct. The greater the hardness, the increased the torque transmitted

Generation Identify GR Sort PU Polyurethane Versatile Elastic Spider Shaft Coupling
Material NBR, EPDM, Silicone, FKM, PU / Polyurethane
Color Yellow, Black, Purple, or according to the ask for
Hardness 95 Shore A
Provider OEM / ODM
Approach Technological Hot processing molding, injection molding, extrusion
Tolerance ±0.05mm
Application Automotive,Mechanical products,Development,Home application,Aviation,Office facilities
“GR” Sequence Measurements GR14, GR19, GR24, GR28, GR38, GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75, GR90, GR100, GR110, GR125, GR140, GR160, GR180
“MT” Sequence Dimensions MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, MT6, MT7, MT8, MT9, MT10, MT11, MT12, MT13
“HRC” Collection Dimensions HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280
“L” Collection Sizes L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/a hundred, L110, L150, L190, L225, L276
“NM / NMR” Collection Dimensions NM50, NM67, NM82, NM97, NM112, NM128, NM148, NM168, NM194, NM214, NM240, NM265
“Equipment / J” Sequence Dimensions Equipment 3J, 4J, 5J, 6J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J

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Content flex couplings generally do not require lubrication and run in shear or compression, and can acknowledge angular, parallel, and axial misalignment. Examples of content elastic couplings are jaw, sleeve, tire, disc, mesh, and diaphragm couplings.

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