China Hot selling Nm Flexible Spider Coupling for Shaft Connection Standard

Product Description

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HRC FCL Chain coupling GE L NM MH Torque limiter
HRC 70B FCL90 KC4012 GE14 L050 NM50 MH45 TL250-two
HRC 70F FCL100 KC4014 GE19 L070 NM67 MH55 TL250-1
HRC 70H FCL112 KC4016 GE24 L075 NM82 MH65 TL350-two
HRC 90B FCL125 KC5014 GE28 L090 NM97 MH80 TL350-1
HRC 90F FCL140 KC5016 GE38 L095 NM112 MH90 TL500-2
HRC 90H FCL160 KC6018 GE42 L099 NM128 MH115 TL500-1
HRC 110B FCL180 KC6571 GE48 L100 NM148 MH130 TL700-2
HRC 110F FCL200 KC6571 GE55 L110 NM168 MH145 TL700-one
HRC 110H FCL224 KC8018 GE65 L150 NM194 MH175  
HRC 130B FCL250 KC8571 GE75 L190 NM214 MH200  
HRC 130F FCL280 KC8571 GE90 L225      
HRC 130H FCL315 KC1571          
HRC 150B FCL355 KC12018          
HRC 150F FCL400 KC12571          
HRC 150H FCL450            
HRC 180B FCL560            
HRC 180F FCL630            
HRC 180H              
HRC 230B              
HRC 230F              
HRC 230H              
HRC 280B              
HRC 280F              
HRC 280H              




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Q1: Are you investing business or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.

Q2: How prolonged is your shipping time and cargo?
one.Sample Guide-times: ten-twenty days.
two.Manufacturing Direct-moments: 30-forty five days right after get confirmed.

Q3: What is your advantages?
1. The most aggressive price and excellent quality.
two. Excellent specialized engineers give you the very best assist.
three. OEM is available.



Sleeve Couplings Sleeve couplings transmit low to moderate shear torques between connected equipment by means of elastic inserts with exterior splines mated to interior splines. The insert materials is generally EPDM, Neoprene or Hytrel, and the insert can be a one-piece or two-piece layout. Average eccentricity Torsional damping (vibration) Stop float with nominal axial engage in Minimal to average torque, basic-purpose programs

China Hot selling Nm Flexible Spider Coupling for Shaft Connection     Standard