China best Cast Iron Mh Flexible Quick Shaft Coupling Plum Elastic Claw Coupling Engineering

Solution Description

SC Transmission Forged Iron MH Flexible Swift Shaft Coupling
Plum Elastic Claw Coupling 

SC gives a variety of couplings: chain coupling,Jaw coupling, flexible coupling,HRC couplings,NM coupling,MH coupling,Pin coupling, room coupling, flange coupling,sleeve coupling, nylon sleeve couplings.


Product Description

MH coupling

1. Produced of large grade cast iron.

two. NBR rubber materials: outstanding oil resistance, equivalent to TM, ACM and fluororubber.

Great dress in resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and air tightness.

Fundamental acid-foundation resistance.

three. Operating temperature: – 40 ~ + one hundred twenty ºC

MH sCZPT adaptable rubber couplings are specifically made by a special designed artificial rubber with 2 equivalent bodies of solid iron
Cast iron flange:
Developed not only for the power transmission but also for security of adaptable rubber
Adaptable rubber:
Created of rubber and steel cores are inserted in the enamel so as to give excellent toughness and efficiency of coupling.

Pumps, enthusiasts, compressors, autos, transporting equipments, constructors, cement mixers, tractors, transmission devices, metallic doing work equipment, rollers, and other transmissions.
Affordable and functional making use of
Peaceful and easily operation
Simple set up and maintenance
Offered to equipment with large torque and intermittent operation


Item Parameters




Type Out dia. Hub Bore dimension Rated misalignment Max velocity L K H t I E Weight
A B Min Max Inventory torque parellel angular (rpm) to
MH 55 55 38 nine 20 7 .four .2 .3 6000 57 27 17 3 fifteen 26 .six
MH sixty five 65 45 twelve twenty five eight .7 .two .3 6000 63 thirty 19 3 sixteen 33 .nine
MH 80 80 52 16 thirty ten one.6 .two .three 5500 seventy three 35 23 3 18 41 one.5
MH 90 90 62 twenty 35 twelve 3.7 .two .three 5000 eighty three forty twenty five 3 21 forty six two.2
MH a hundred and fifteen a hundred and fifteen 80 twenty five forty five 12 eight .two .3 4600 113 fifty five 33 three 29 58 5
MH a hundred thirty 130 90 27 fifty twelve 12 .2 .3 4400 123 sixty 37 3 32 65 7
MH one hundred forty five 145 one hundred thirty 55 twelve 20 .2 .3 4200 133 65 39 three 35 72 nine.2
MH 175 175 one hundred fifteen 35 65 sixteen forty three .two .three 3800 163 eighty forty seven three forty three 84
MH 200 200 one hundred thirty fifty 80 twenty 65 .2 .three 3600 223 a hundred and ten 53 three 69 ninety two 35.five
MH 230 230 150 twenty 85 twenty / .2 .three / 233 115 fifty six 3 65 110 42


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Consisting of two radially slotted hubs and a serpentine spring steel band, the mesh coupling offers the torsional damping and versatility of an elastomer, but with the toughness of metal. Grid couplings transmit torque and change angular, parallel and axial misalignment from 1 hub to yet another by oscillating and sliding a tapered grid in the hub grooves. The mesh cross segment is normally tapered for greater hub contact and simpler assembly. Lubrication is essential due to the movement among the speak to hub and the mesh metal areas.

China best Cast Iron Mh Flexible Quick Shaft Coupling Plum Elastic Claw Coupling     Engineering